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Everyone has noticed them prior to, the men and women scaling the edges of Window Cleaning properties with nothing more than a container, some soap, and a squeegee. Window washers really are a typical sight in places across the nation, but what many people don’t realize is definitely how risky their career could be. In reality, home window cleaning is among the most harmful tasks in America.

Annually, you can find approximately 2,000 mishaps involving Window Washers. These mishaps frequently lead to serious traumas as well as loss of life. One of the more common potential risks encountered by window washers is dropping. To stop falls, window washers typically utilize one of two techniques: a bosun’s couch or a suspension scaffold.

A bosun’s couch is a form of golf swing that may be attached to the building with ropes or cables. The employee is placed in the couch and is also reduced right down to the desired degree. This method sets the worker in danger of getting strike by substantial winds or moving visitors.

A suspension scaffold, on the other hand, is actually a system which is stopped from your roof structure from the building by ropes or cables. This kind of scaffold provides more balance than a bosun’s couch but can nevertheless be unstable in great wind or maybe if it’s not properly taken care of.

Together with sliding, window washers also encounter other dangers including electric powered shocks and chemical substance burns up. Since they typically function near live electric cords, it’s not unusual for employees to receive critical electric shocks. chemical substances utilized to clean windows can also trigger burns once they come into exposure to the skin.

To stay secure on the job, Window Cleaning Burlington have to take appropriate protection safeguards such as using private defensive products (PPE). PPE includes goods for example hard hats, mitts, and harnesses that assist protect employees from accidents. Personnel ought to be properly qualified in slip prevention and save tactics to make sure they know what you can do if the crash does take place.


Home window cleansing might appear to be a somewhat lower-threat career, but incidents are surprisingly popular. To be risk-free on-the-job, workers must take proper safety safety measures and be properly trained in drop prevention and save methods. By following these safety measures, window washers will help decrease their risk of becoming wounded on the job.