Is apartment surveillance a violation of tenants’ privacy rights? An overview of apartment security camera laws in Illinois


Renters in the condition of Illinois are increasingly setting up security cameras with their apartment rentals to make certain their safety and level of privacy. Nevertheless, prior to doing this, it is crucial to be familiar with the laws and regulations governing protection digicam set up and utilization in the state of Illinois. In this post, we’ll go over what you need to understand about condo protection video camera legal guidelines for Illinois renters.

The initial question that a great many Illinois renters have is whether or not they could use a stability digital camera inside their flat without approval using their landlord. The reply is of course, as long as you will not obstruct other tenants’ level of privacy or perhaps the building’s architectural reliability. In spite of this, some property owners might need composed consent before allowing renters to set up camera systems chicago. It’s better to examine your hire deal or speak to your property owner directly if you are considering putting in a security alarm camera system.

Another essential issue to consider is the place where exactly you can put your video cameras within your apartment. On the whole, cameras must not be put anywhere which will infringe upon an additional tenant’s ability to privacy—for illustration, in restrooms or bedrooms—unless you have specific permission from all affected parties. Additionally, it is actually illegal to put cameras away from your condo device (i.e., in frequent areas including hallways and lobbies) without prior published consent from the landlord and all sorts of other impacted renters.

Eventually, it is essential to understand how recordings made by these camcorders may be used and stored by property owners and also other individuals. Under Illinois legislation, property owners must provide published notice when saving products are placed on premises and must stick to distinct suggestions concerning the safe-keeping and utilize for any recordings manufactured by those units. For instance, tracks can not be utilized for any objective apart from making sure safety and security onsite they need to additionally be placed securely for will no longer than thirty days unless otherwise given by law enforcement officers or court purchase.


It is clear that we now have several laws surrounding installing surveillance cameras in flats throughout the state Illinois that tenants require to pay attention to prior to the installation of their own solutions. Although renting a condo with pre-existing surveillance devices may supply assurance for several people, other individuals may choose to acquire issues within their own hands by putting in more equipment themselves—just make sure you fully grasp all appropriate legal guidelines initial! By familiarizing yourself with both nearby ordinances and leasing agreements associated with monitoring products in your neighborhood, there is no doubt that you are getting proper actions towards shielding yourself although still respecting the privileges of other renters who reveal your home.