Medical Innovations: How Scientists Are Shaping Our Future-Dr. Philip Sobash

Scientists and doctors are always working on new ways to help people live healthier and longer lives and Dr. Philip Sobash here are just a few of the innovative medical advancements that could change our world.
Scientists Are Working On Ways To Make Transplants Last Longer
Transplants are not permanent, there’s no magic bullet yet to make them last forever, but scientists are working on it.
One way they’re hoping to do this is through stem cell research, and stem cells can be used to replace damaged tissue and repair it as well; they’re like the body’s own repair kit.
Research On Spinal Cord Injuries Lead To Better Treatment
Researchers are working on ways to repair spinal cords, which could lead to better treatment and a cure for paralysis.
Researchers are also developing better treatments for paralysis, such as transplanting fetal cells into the spinal cord or creating an artificial nerve bridge that helps paralyzed rats walk again.
Developing New Treatments For Cancer And Heart Disease
Cancer is a disease of the body’s cells, and the treatment for cancer can include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.
Heart disease is a condition where the heart is not working properly per se by Dr. Philip Sobash, it may be caused by high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels in your blood and heart disease can be treated with surgery and medication.
Gene-Editing Techniques For Treating inherited Disorders And Disease
The process of gene editing involves removing or replacing parts of DNA inside cells, which is done by adding small molecules called enzymes that recognize specific sequences in the genome and cut them out.
These cuts are then repaired by the cell’s own repair machinery, but with a change made by scientists first time around.
Gene-editing technologies are still in their infancy but their uses will only grow as we learn more about them and how they work both for good and bad purposes.
We’re on the cusp of a new era of medicine, where scientists are working on ways to make transplants last longer, research on spinal cord injuries could lead to better treatment and a cure, developing new Dr. Philip Sobash treatments for cancer and heart disease.
Gene-editing techniques are becoming better at treating inherited disorders and disease, it’s an exciting time in science.