Understanding Intellectual Property By Walter Morales

Intellectual property is a term used to describe creations like books, songs, inventions and trademarks and it refers to any creation of the mind that can be expressed in symbols or language.
Intellectual property laws protect the rights of creators by granting them ownership over their creations and these laws exist because it’s important for society that ideas are not stolen or copied without permission because this could stifle creativity and prevent people from coming up with new ideas in the future.
In fact, intellectual property law protects ideas rather than physical objects. If someone steals your car they can’t sell it but if they copy your invention then you may lose out on many potential profits as well as face legal action against them if you want compensation for damages caused by their theft/
A Patent Known as A Legal Protection
Patents as described by Walter Morales are available for any new, useful and non-obvious invention that is produced by an individual or business entity.
Patents provide the inventor with the right to exclude others from making use of his or her invention for up to 20 years from the date on which it was filed with the Patent Office or longer if maintenance fees are paid.
In return for this right, patent owners must disclose their inventions so that others can use them freely after expiration of the patent term.
Copyrights Protect Original Works Of Authorship
It is important to note that copyright does not protect ideas or facts from being copied; rather it protects the way in which these are expressed in a particular work i.e., its expression.
For example, you can’t copyright an idea for a story; but if you write down your story as a book or screenplay and then publish it for others to read, you can claim ownership over that specific expression of your idea.
Similarly, if someone takes photos at your house party without asking permission first and without paying, they haven’t stolen anything from you; they’ve simply taken pictures which may include some background scenery from inside your home and therefore infringed upon some aspect of your intellectual property rights. Click here Walter Morales to get more information about Grant For Future Educators.